To book or order a reading:

Email with:
*What kind of reading or service you want
*The Birth Date, Time, and Location of any Charts I will need
*Any questions you may have
*If conversational reading, available times for appointments

I will get back to you within 48 Hours

Or message me to book on Facebook

Astrology Readings:

Recorded Video Natal Chart Reading:

$75 for a 1 Hour video
A recorded video reading of your chart uploaded to youtube for your viewing. 

Conversational Natal Chart Reading:

 $75 an hour
A conversational reading either in person or over phone. If in person, meeting takes place at a local library or coffee shop of your choice. 

In Person/Skype Compatibility Reading

$95 an hour
A conversational reading either in person or over phone with one or both partners. If in person, meeting takes place at a local library or coffee shop of your choice. 


Mini Readings:

Tarot Reading: 

$15 per question
One question answered. Response will be as long as needed and should take no more than one week.   

Astrology Question Reading:

$35 per question
One question answered using your various astrology charts . 



Other Services:

All Access Astrologer:

$1500 a month
Texting, phone call, or email access to me with responses under 24 hours and daily horoscope updates. Can be used for personal questions,  questions about astrology, advice, transit updates, relationship help, business help, etc. Must be an approved purchase by me. 

Party Readings:

$350 an event
Unlimited readings and questions at your next event. Readings done in a group setting are great when the group members know each other enough to laugh and have fun with what is being said. Great for bachelorette or bachelor parties, baby showers, birthday parties, company parties, or just large group get-togethers. Email for booking. Please ask your guests to find out their birth time if possible. 

**Gift Certificates are available for all services. Email for more**

** for best results accurate birth time is needed**

**birth information is city, state/country, date, and time**

For entertainment purposes only, if you are in the need of immediate help, physical, legal, or mental, please consult a licensed professional.

All readings and coaching sessions are done with love, and the client assumes all personal risk in their lives. The reader/coach is not liable for the actions you take or do not take, decisions you make or do not make, or anything else. You are in complete control.

All readings and coaching seasons depicting a time scale or result are dependent on your own energy levels in the moment, and your ability to continue at that level. Guidance for maintaining or changing as needed will be given, however the rare in which you act or do not act can and will alter any time tables or results. Use your caution as needed.

Refunds are given on a case by case level, message me in the event you aren’t happy with your service, and would like to address it.